GETTR is a social media platform built on the foundation of freedom of opinion and expression.

Launched July 2021, GETTR is the fastest growing social media platform in history, reaching 1 million users in just three days.

GETTR lets its best-in-class technology do the talking so that you can communicate anyway you like to whoever you’d like.

From traditional micro-blogging to livestreaming to short-video platform, GETTR is an all-in-one social utility compatible with mobile and web platforms in every corner of the globe.

To get started, create an account at GETTR.com or download the app.

GETTR’s technology is unsurpassed with exciting features, such as:
Image Editing
In-app capabilities to edit and add filters to images.
Longer Posts
Longer posts – up to 777 characters.
Sharper Images
Sharper and clearer images.
In-App Video Editing
Video editing within the App.
Longer Videos
Ability to post longer videos – up to 3 minutes long.
More Images
Ability to attach up to SIX images per post for a carousel.
Direct Messages
Send end-to-end encrypted direct messages to your friends on GETTR!
123260-minute streaming capabilities with easy-to-use technology. Supported by both desktop and mobile!
Create your own short entertaining vertical videos with our in-app video creator with access to unique filters and up to 100,000 songs to choose from!
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For all media inquiries, contact Press@GETTR.com.

Please include the following details in your correspondence

  • First and last name
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