January 17, 2022

Almost One Million Tune Into Former President Donald Trump’s Arizona Rally on GETTR Live-Streaming

Almost one million people logged into GETTR, the free speech social media platform which fights cancel culture, to watch former President Donald Trump’s rally in Florence, Arizona on Saturday evening.


The stream from Right Side Broadcasting Network garnered 609,000 views, making it the most viewed live-stream on GETTR to date. Combined with simultaneous streams from broadcasters Real America’s Voice and Newsmax, the total number of views on Saturday evening was 994,666.


Live-streaming on GETTR is still in beta testing, but once fully rolled out in 2022, will allow content creators and regular users to broadcast video without the threat of shadow banning, censorship, or demonetization — taking on Big Tech heavyweights like YouTube.


"These streaming numbers announce GETTR’s arrival as a streaming platform and a challenger to Silicon Valley alternatives like YouTube, which for too long has censored and muted voices it does not like. At GETTR, we are focused on giving users unfiltered access to the world’s most influential voices and fiercest free speech advocates.” said GETTR Chief Executive Officer Jason Miller.


GETTR is the fastest-growing social media platform in history, having amassed its first million users in less than three days following its formal launch on July 4, 2021. By comparison, Twitter took 24 months to attract one million users while Facebook took 10 months.


The company has seen a record-breaking start to 2022, amassing 1.3 million new users in two weeks and personalities including Fox News host Tucker Carlson, podcaster Joe Rogan, comedian Rob Schneider, actor Dean Cain, soccer star and announcer Matt Le Tissier, former NBA player and podcaster Andrew Bogut, British rapper Zuby, Virgin Galactic Chairman Chamath Palihapitiya, and dozens more.


GETTR is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play App Store, as well as online at www.GETTR.com.


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