August 2, 2022

GETTR Celebrates 200 Million Livestream Views

Social media platform GETTR has recorded 200 million Livestream views in just 10 months – a remarkable achievement for a new player that confirms growing public demand for an alternative to traditional video hosts like YouTube and Instagram’s IGTV.
Vision, GETTR’s new short video alternative to TikTok, has also reached 5.5 million views since launching in June.
Livestreaming on GETTR allows content creators and regular users to broadcast live video and interact with a community without the threat of shadow banning or political censorship that exists on larger platforms like YouTube. GETTR will soon announce new features which will allow content creators to monetize and be paid fairly for their work.
For example, Axios reported on Tuesday that YouTube had demonetized two videos featuring Canadian professor Jordan Peterson – the latest example of Big Tech interference in online speech.
“These latest numbers prove that people are turning to GETTR because they are looking for a platform which celebrates a diversity of thought and doesn’t try to dictate public opinion,” GETTR Chief Executive Officer Jason Miller said.
“With YouTube, Twitter and Facebook’s numbers sliding, new alternative platforms that actually listen to their users will replace them. No platform is better prepared for this fight than GETTR,” he added.
Since its formal launch of July 4, 2021, GETTR has become one of the world’s leading social media platforms, with a commitment to protecting freedom of expression and opinion from the growing threats of political censorship and cancel culture.
Today, GETTR has 6 million users in 192 countries, with a 24/7 roster of Livestreams from across the globe that increasingly makes GETTR the platform of choice for political analysis, interviews and entertainment.
GETTR remains the fastest growing social media platform in history, having marked its first million users less than three days after its formal launch on July 4, 2021. By comparison, Twitter took 24 months to attract one million users while Facebook took 10 months and even Instagram still took 3 months.


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