December 22, 2022

GETTR Dominates in 2022 with 246% Growth in the United States, 266% Growth in Brazil and 743% Growth in the United Kingdom

With GETTR’s massive international growth in 2022 the platform has seen 310 million livestreaming views and 11 million Vision views, establishing itself as a top destination for content creators and free speech advocates.

GETTR’s worldwide user base is now approaching 7.5 million users and has a presence in 192 countries.

Social media platform GETTR has experienced explosive growth in 2022, expanding its user base in the United States by 246% and cementing its status as the world’s leading platform for defending free speech and challenging Silicon Valley’s social media establishment. 

In addition to its 246% growth in the U.S., GETTR grew by 266% in Brazil and 743% in the U.K., with platform-wide daily active users (DAU) increasing by 158% from last year. 

To its DAU growth, GETTR bucked downward trends faced by industry competitors and became the only alternative social media platform measured to see an increase in year over year (YoY) unique site visitors between 2022 and 2021, according to independent analysis covered by Rolling Stone.

Additionally, GETTR went from strength-to-strength in its second year of existence, launching new features such as Direct Messages, an edit feature available for free for all users, “Vision,” GETTR’s short video alternative to TikTok and livestreaming real-time subtitle translations for seven different languages. 

GETTR has also created a global roster of around-the-clock exclusive livestreams, reaching 310 million livestream views since releasing the technology in October 2021, and 11 million Vision views since June 2022.

With a commitment to reach every country with a message of free speech and bring the international marketplace noisy, opinionated commentary that is free from political discrimination, GETTR officially entered the Japanese market in October 2022 with the creation of GETTR JP GK, a Japanese business entity, and has seen a 45% increase in new users this week alone.

Other countries have seen explosive growth as well. When GETTR CEO Jason Miller crisscrossed Australia in September of this year, the country saw a 10,000 percent increase in new users. 

GETTR also became an important part of the worldwide fight for free speech and democracy in 2022, streaming presidential candidate interviews and speeches in Colombia and France, and in the United States GETTR was a key destination point for midterm election news, broadcasting numerous debates, campaign events and Election Night victory parties across the country. GETTR also hosted exclusive footage of President Trump’s announcement to run for president in Mar-a-Lago on November 15th, 2022.

Other key events that were livestreamed on GETTR include: Comedy Unleashed in the UK, 2022 World Cup viewing parties and commentary, CEO Jason Miller’s CPAC speeches in Brazil, Australia and Japan, Turning Point USA conferences, GETTR’s Got Talent and the year-end “GETTIE” awards.

“In just 18 short months, GETTR has built an unparalleled international social media community thanks to an amazing user base and a devoted employee team. These astounding numbers prove GETTR’s message of free speech resonates with users worldwide, and as we continue to develop more exclusive livestream content, we believe we are the only challenger platform who can take on the Silicon Valley social media establishment,” said GETTR Chief Executive Officer Jason Miller.

“With our superior technology and plans to monetize platform-wide in early 2023, GETTR is achieving more, at a faster clip, than any social media platform that has come before us,” Miller added.

Big names who have joined GETTR include comedian and podcaster Russell Brand, British broadcaster and former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, UFC Champion Jake Shields, actor and comedian Rob Schneider, former NBA player Enes Kanter Freedom, British football legend Matt Le Tissier, former kickboxing champion and online personality Andrew Tate, political strategist and broadcasting powerhouse Stephen K. Bannon, Brazilian actress and businesswoman Antonia Fontenelle, political pundits Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Mark Levin, Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, podcaster Steven Crowder, former congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Dr. Robert Malone, Babylon Bee founder Seth Dillon, Newsmax, Real America’s Voice and many others. 

New user signups have grown significantly in each of the following countries this year alone: 

  1. United States: 246%
  2. Brazil: 266%
  3. United Kingdom: 743%
  4. Germany: 262%
  5. Canada: 326%
  6. France: 165%
  7. Japan: 89%
  8. Australia: 320%

Since the launch of GETTR on July 4, 2021, it has become the fastest growing social media platform in history, reaching one million users in less than three days. By comparison, it took Twitter 24 months and Facebook 10 months to reach that milestone. 


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