November 30, 2022

GETTR Stands in Support of China’s “Blank Paper” Anti-Censorship, Anti-Lockdown Protestors

Free speech social media platform GETTR stands in solidarity with the “Blank Paper” anti-censorship, anti-lockdown protesters in China and their right to peacefully demonstrate against the ruling Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) “Zero COVID” lockdowns and decades-long suppression of freedom of speech.

The recent protests began after a horrific apartment fire in far western Urumqi that killed at least 10 local residents because the tenants could not flee the building due to “Zero COVID” restrictions, and the “Blank Paper” theme harkens back to the 2020 student protests in Hong Kong, as the CCP is attempting to break-up or stifle any online or in-person dissent following the tragedy in Urumqi.

GETTR is also calling on Big Tech social media platforms to express their support for Chinese citizens and speak out against the CCP’s abuse of its own people. Numerous Big Tech social media platforms have histories of removing content critical of Beijing and stifling coverage of uprisings in Hong Kong and elsewhere. 

GETTR Chief Executive Officer Jason Miller will be in neighboring Japan this week to deliver an address at CPAC Japan in which he is expected to criticize the CCP’s tyrannical attempts to ban independent news media, an open and free internet, and freedom of expression.

“Chinese protesters should be applauded for bravely standing up to an authoritarian regime which has for decades trampled on their free speech rights and controlled what people are allowed to read and say online. GETTR stands behind their movement,” Miller said.

“For too long, Big Tech social media platforms have aided and abetted these human rights abuses by turning a blind eye and we are calling on our peers to stand up to the CCP and defend the Chinese peoples’ right to freedom of expression. Our platform is committed to fighting atrocities like those we are seeing in China, and we will continue to defend free speech wherever it is under threat,” he added. 

With a commitment to never discriminate against users based on their political opinions, GETTR is the world’s leading free speech platform, touting over 7 million users around the world and a presence in 192 different countries. 

The platform has seen 300 million livestreaming views since the release of the feature last October and over 40 million views on its short video platform, Vision, since launching it this summer. GETTR has defied market trends, doubling its unique users in the first year of existence and plans to unveil plans for monetization in the coming weeks.


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