July 4, 2022

GETTR Unveils Direct Messages for All Users on First Anniversary

GETTR is today announcing Direct Messages for all its users, challenging Big Tech’s monopoly on how people stay in touch online and cementing GETTR’s status as the world’s leading alternative social media platform.

The announcement coincides with GETTR’s first anniversary following its Independence Day 2021 founding, and caps off a successful first year for the company which saw it become the fastest-growing social media app in history.

Today, the platform boasts nearly 6 million users in 192 different countries, more than 160 million livestream views, and 3 million views on Vision, GETTR’s short-video platform, which launched in June to challenge TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Direct Messages will be available on web, Android and iOS, and will give GETTR users the ability to send 1 to 1 messages and share photos and videos. Users will be allowed to control whether they receive messages from anyone on the platform, verified users, or only people they follow. Users can also report any message with malicious content. Enhanced capabilities, like group chats, will come later in 2022.

“Direct Messages are a huge step forward in our mission to become the world’s leading free speech platform, and I’m so proud of everything we have achieved in our first year. This new technology will allow people to communicate outside of the grasps of Big Tech bullies like Meta and Twitter. Silicon Valley is officially on notice: your days are numbered,” said GETTR Chief Executive Officer Jason Miller.

To celebrate its first anniversary, GETTR will also host a day of live programming, with special shows, global broadcasts and guests, including journalist Andy Ngo, radio host Tim Young, French MEP Jerome Riviere, football legend Matthew Le Tissier, former LBC host Maajid Nawaz, plus many more, discussing the fight for free speech.

Five lucky users will also win the chance to attend GETTR’s first anniversary party on July 7 which will see GETTR employees and a star-studded lineup of key conservative influencers and allies gather to toast GETTR on the rooftop of its New York City headquarters.

GETTR’s first year in review

Number of users worldwide: Nearly 6 million

Monthly users: 1.5 million

Livestream views: 160 million

Vision views: 3 million

Number of posts: 7.2 million

Number of reposts: 156 million

Number of likes: 445 million

Countries using GETTR: 192

Userbase growth since launch: 331 percent

DAU increase from last year: 119 percent

Three biggest days for signups:
1. Launch day (July 4, 2021): 1.3 million

2. Joe Rogan joins GETTR (January 2, 2022): 343,000

3. Jason Miller detained in Brazil (September 7, 2021): 36,000

Biggest livestream day:

Donald Trump rally, March 26, 2022: 1.73 million views****

Top users by country:

United States
Joe Rogan
Mike Pompeo

President Jair Bolsonaro
Eduardo Bolsonaro
Carla Zambelli

United Kingdom
Tommy Robinson
Daily Mail

Boris Reitschuster
Markus Haintz

Eric Zemmour
Fabrice Di Vizio


3 Columbus Circle

20th Floor

New York, NY 10019