March 27, 2022

Matt Le Tissier: “Don't Let UK Become Like China and Lose Free Speech”

Former Premier League star and Sky Sports broadcaster Matt Le Tissier says he’s never been heavily involved in politics but has been “awakened” after experiencing cancel culture during the coronavirus pandemic.
Le Tissier expounded on that in an interview with the U.K. Sunday Express where he also announced he would be partnering with GETTR to produce a weekly livestream show where he will discuss sport, politics and life and get to interact with his biggest fans.
“All I wanted was let me live my life how I live it, leave me alone, I pay my taxes; I’ll do my bit to help people; I’ll do my bit for charities for people far worse off than me; I do my bit for society and make this world a better place; just don’t encroach on my life,” he said.
“I don’t mind differences of opinion. I like learning. If someone disagrees with me I am happy to listen and if what you say is better I am happy to change my mind,” he added.
Le Tissier, a nominee for the Premier League’s Hall of Fame, joined GETTR in January after becoming disillusioned with the way people were being censored on Twitter “for innocuous things” and will create exclusive content for the platform.
“The content on GETTR is very respectful. It has been a very different experience and far more enjoyable than being on Twitter,” the Southampton star said.
He said he was frustrated by political debate being censored in the U.K. and warned that the country was becoming like China.
“I didn’t like what I was seeing which was the stifling of any debate that went against the Government narrative.”

 He went on: “That’s what is frustrating me, the censorship, the shutting down, the Government almost taking over every television station and threatening rhythm if they don’t conform to the Government narrative.

“When I was growing up, that’s what we were told was bad about China. Now we are living right through that in this country here and I don’t want to live in that world.”
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