September 13, 2022

Twitter Whistleblower Reveals Company’s Major Security Flaws and Need for Silicon Valley Overhaul

The damning testimony Twitter whistleblower Peiter Zatko delivered to Congress today lays bare what many have known about the company for so long: executives at Twitter have a demonstrated a complete disregard for their users’ security and a willingness to turn a blind eye to major threats in exchange for political influence.
Zatko, a legendary “white hat” hacker who was Twitter’s top security official before he was fired in January, said the company’s unsafe handling of user data and the willingness of Twitter executives to mislead its board of directors and regulators have created “real risk to tens of millions of Americans, the American democratic process, and America’s national security.”
The company reportedly knew there was at least one Chinese agent inside the organization but turned a blind eye as CCP money poured into Twitter in the form of advertising sales. Speaking to lawmakers, Zatko accused Silicon Valley of being unwilling to bite the bullet and make major improvements to their platforms and be honest with the public, delivering one of the most brutal criticisms of the entire hearing:
"If you don't have a foreign intelligence agent inside of Twitter, then you don't run a very good intelligence agency. It's a goldmine,” said Zatko.
GETTR Chief Executive Officer Jason Miller released the following statement in the wake of Zatko’s bombshell testimony:
“The evidence delivered by Pieter Zatko today, while incredibly disturbing, comes as no surprise to those of us who have been watching the behavior of Silicon Valley social media oligarchs for some time. These companies think they are above the law and can act with total impunity as they put their users’ data at risk and trample on free speech rights globally.”
“Now more than ever, we need a competitor which is willing to stand up to these Big Tech platforms and offer people around the world a real alternative which respects their privacy and protects freedom of speech online. GETTR is better equipped for this fight than anyone else.”
Since the launch of GETTR on July 4, 2021, GETTR has become the fastest growing social media platform in history, reaching one million users in less than 3 days. By comparison, it took Twitter 24 months to reach one million users. Today GETTR hosts over 6 million users in 192 different countries worldwide.
Some of the most notable GETTR user accounts include Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, comedian and podcaster Russell Brand, conservative news commentators Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, British broadcaster and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, British football legend Matt Le Tissier, radio great and author Mark Levin, investigative journalist Andy Ngo, former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and podcasting great Joe Rogan.


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