January 10, 2022

“Why GETTR’s Moment Could Last”

The increasing censorship and suppression of conservatives and their content by Big Tech social media giants has created a prime opportunity for GETTR to take a lasting role in the marketplace, according to an analysis on PJMedia.com.

The piece by Ethan Reese reads, in part:

Publishers across the political spectrum are overwhelmingly dependent on Big Tech for their traffic acquisition. Readers don’t always come directly to websites, they often stumble in every now and again by way of Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

Unfortunately for conservative publishers, these Big-Tech-controlled distribution channels have proven to behave like traffic hoses that can be turned on and off depending on whichever way the wind is blowing. And as we know, here the wind only blows one way.


Which is all to say, conservative publishers would love nothing more than to diversify their traffic away from establishment social media by leaning into new channels, new channels owned by technology companies that are not existentially hostile toward them.

All in all, the circumstances here might allow for GETTR to tap into and connect a reader base to a publisher and personality base, creating a loop of those coveted daily active users.

Read the whole thing here.


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