September 1, 2022

ACTUAL COLLUSION: Biden Administration and Meta Exposed for Coordinating Attack on Free Speech

This week, the Department of Justice is being asked to provide further details into top ranking federal officials and their coordination with social media platform Meta surrounding their secretive efforts to suppress Americans’ free speech rights.  

The joint lawsuit forcing these revelations, filed by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, has now produced communications proving the Biden Administration and Meta conducted weekly and monthly meetings to discuss what - and who - should be banned on Meta, largely relating to COVID-19 and COVID-19 treatment options. The full findings of this release can be found here.

In response to these revelations, GETTR CEO Jason Miller today issued the following statement: 

“The findings from Attorneys General Schmitt and Landry prove what we’ve known all along, that Silicon Valley social media oligarchs at Meta and other platforms have been colluding with the Biden Administration to throttle free speech rights of Americans for purely political reasons. For the Biden Administration to spend hours of government officials’ time identifying individuals they wanted banned from social media is something right out of 1984. Regardless of political ideology or partisan affiliation, all Americans should be outraged by this blatant attack on our First Amendment rights, with Meta and the Biden Administration being held equally accountable.”

Today, free speech platform GETTR hosts more than 6 million users from 192 different countries. The platform is committed to defending free speech rights and exposing the social media platforms who for years have picked winners and losers in the free speech realm simply for one’s political point of view.


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