September 6, 2022

GETTR Announces Major Technological Upgrades To In-App Short Video Feature “Vision”

GETTR “Vision” Is The Only Challenger Platform To Directly Take On TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.
Today GETTR is announcing major new updates to “Vision,” its short video feature which gives users and content creators a fun new way to express themselves on the world’s leading free speech platform. GETTR “Vision,” combined with the GETTR Timeline micro-blogging, as well as GETTR Livestreaming, means that GETTR has brought the best that social media has to offer together in one app, something no other platform can claim.
“Vision 2.0” will include the following new features: 

  • Updated video editing capabilities: new transitions, new effects, new filters, the ability to upload multiple video clips, and 23 new visual effects.
  • New recording capabilities: a hands free timer feature, video collaborations with multiple users, and new zoom, focus, and expedition effects.
  • Upgraded face filters.

GETTR “Vision” invites users to create and discover entertaining videos of up to 60 seconds with cutting-edge technology that will immediately compete against Big Tech rivals TikTok and Instagram Reels, and will give anyone the opportunity to record videos seen by the GETTR community and reach a global audience without the threat of political censorship or shadowbanning.
GETTR CEO Jason Miller issued the following statement on the release of “Vision 2.0”: 
“GETTR is charging headfirst as the main competitor to TikTok and Instagram Reels by upgrading its technology and making ‘Vision’ more user-friendly. Since its creation, TikTok has been censoring and shutting down content it deems politically unworthy, not to mention TikTok’s highly publicized vulnerabilities of American user data being exposed to the CCP. GETTR is committed to providing content creators a safe, exciting environment to express themselves and their views freely.
GETTR today has more than 6 million users among 192 different countries. There have been over 200 million livestream views since the launch of the feature just 10 months ago. GETTR will providing additional details of platform monetization opportunities in the coming days. 


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