March 14, 2022

GETTR Announces Twitter Cross-Posting Feature for All Users

Free speech social media platform GETTR is today giving all of its users the ability to cross-post from GETTR to Twitter, meaning users will be able to communicate with all of their followers without repeatedly logging into Twitter. 

The revolutionary new technology allows GETTR users to export their GETTR posts to Twitter so anything they post on the free speech platform will automatically show up on their Twitter timeline. At this stage, the feature only works for content posted originally on GETTR. 

“GETTR continues to innovate and challenge the Big Tech dinosaurs, bringing new and amazing features to our global free speech community – and we’re just getting started. We’ll never be satisfied with the status quo, and it’s why we’re taking the social media world by storm. Live-streaming, Vision, cross-posting, and this summer, GETTR Pay, all working together to defend the freedom of expression and fight censorship. Just as legendary coach George Allen used to say, ‘The Future is Now!’” said GETTR Chief Executive Officer Jason Miller. 

The new feature cements GETTR’s place as the world’s leading free speech social media platform and comes ahead of several exciting new features in 2022, including Vision, a short video platform alternative to TikTok and Instagram Reels, encrypted direct messages, online appreciation and tipping for content creators, and GETTR Pay, a cryptocurrency-based payment system. 

Today, GETTR has 5 million registered users on every continent but Antartica, and is the fastest growing social media platform in history, having marked its first million users less than three days after its formal launch on July 4, 2021. By comparison, Twitter took 24 months to attract one million users while Facebook took 10 months. 


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