March 18, 2022

New York Times Finally Confirms Big Tech Censored New York Post’s Hunter Biden Laptop Investigation and Interfered in US Election

In a report published yesterday, the New York Times confirmed what we have all known to be true for years: Hunter Biden's infamous laptop was not Russian propaganda but, in fact, evidence that may have indicated that Joe Biden knew of, approved of, and potentially benefited personally from Hunter's foreign business dealings. 

Jason Miller, Chief Executive Officer of GETTR, the new social media platform which defends free speech and fights cancel culture, today issued the following statement: 

“The moment the New York Post accurately reported on Hunter Biden's laptop, Silicon Valley decided that it's OK to play favorites in a presidential election. Big Tech branded this story as misinformation and prevented it from being shared, with Twitter holding the New York Post's account hostage until they issued a retraction. This unprecedented level of suppression created an excuse for corporate media to ignore this story in the pivotal closing weeks of the 2020 presidential race.  

Polling showed that one in six Biden voters would have changed their vote if they had known about the scandal that Big Tech and the Mainstream Media suppressed. How many more voters do you think would change their minds today?  

“At GETTR, we work hard to create an environment where free speech thrives, political or otherwise, and reject the notion that platforms should discriminate based on ideology. It's one of the many reasons GETTR is the fastest growing social media platform in history and the fastest ever to five million users worldwide.” 


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